What you need to know about merchandising

In marketing, you will learn soon enough that communication is not the most important part of your job. In fact, marketing a product also requires one important step: merchandising. In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about it.

What is merchandising?

Merchandising is how you decide to display your product in your point of sale using various techniques such as displays; front displays or end-of-aisle displays… This step usually needs to be well-thought as it can totally change how the product performs.

Who does it?

The merchandising strategy is created by the marketing and communications team which is in charge of the project. It is typically part of the overall operational marketing strategy and is decided in the early stages of the product development.

Merchandising is executed and sometimes adjusted by store managers once the product has been launched in shops.

Merchandising is a communication tool

Merchandising is the best way to advertise products as you can choose which one of your products will be showcased and how it will be done. They can stand out from other similar products and attract new customers.

Current customers will easily find what they are looking for as they are familiar with the brand and their communication techniques.

It increases impulsive buys

When you strategically display your products, you can attract current, new and occasional customers and be where they don’t expect you to be. It has been proven that people are more tempted to buy products that are showcased at the end of the aisles or near the checkout machines.

You can stand out from other stores

Merchandising is also a great technique to help you stand out from other shops selling similar products. Your point of sale can be more attractive and more organised than the others.

Merchandising can be changed and adjusted

According to performance analysis, the way you display your products in the store can be changed at any time. Certain times of the year are more prone to change such as seasonal sales (like Black Friday), clearances or Holidays.