Top beads jewelry trends to look forward to in 2018

As 2018 is around the corner most of the people are already interested in the latest trends that are about to be introduced. They want to know everything about the latest fashion so that they can enjoy and be the first to introduce it in their circle. Most of the designers have introduced the beads jewelry trends are people are already loving the new look.

Here we have the list of top 5 jewelry trends that you should look forward to in 2018.

Lock and key necklace

Lock and key necklace are going to be a big hit in 2018. It consists of a chain and at the end, there will be a key. You can lock the chain by using an actual mini lock. Now, most of the people are using a real chain where we have others that have used beads and crystals instead to make it look more interesting.

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We all know that chokers have already been famous but now the recently introduced items have beads in it.

  • There is a crystal and it has been embedded in the beads
  • You can have the width of the necklace as much as you want
  • It is available mostly in cream shade, but you can have it customized according to your requirements


Bracelets made with the beads are grabbing the attention of the public. Most of them have beads associated with special zodiac signs and that is why people consider them lucky. Some are using it to keep the evil away and others just like the unique and cool look they create. You can have some charms attached to the bracelet as well.

Long earrings

It has been noticed that the long earrings are about to be in the fashion once again. Especially the ladies are interested in the single earrings because they give a more natural and rebellious look. They are made of the beads and there is a single leaf or flower attached at the end of the jewelry.

Beads hoops

The huge hoops are going to rock the jewelry sets of the girls in 2018. They are available in amazing shades and you can buy a pair at the most affordable rates. There are some designers that have attached special flowers and other designs with the hoops that make them look even more interesting. Make sure that you buy the one that suits your style.


In case you do not have the budget to afford these latest pieces do not worry because you can make the jewelry yourself. All you need is some beads, thread, and skill. Examine how the jewelry item has been designed and you can easily find several tutorials online.

All you have to do is prepare the similar piece or make one of your creations. Once it is ready no one will be able to find out that you have done it yourself. You can start your own jewelry line and become a hit.