Top 50 Trendy Dutch Braid Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

If you are a fan of Dutch Braids, then here is a list of the top 50 Trendy Dutch Braid Hairstyle Ideas to Keep You Cool in 2018.


  • From the top, take a section of your hair
  • Split the section into three equal width strands
  • Cross the right strand under the middle strand
  • Cross the left strand under the central strand
  • To the right strand, add more hair and bring it under the middle strand again.


  • Side braids: in this style, multiple braids come from one side and clusters together with the main braid in the middle; this will be more effective on highlighted or colored hair.
  • Shiny Chic: For this; you’ll have to braid either side of your head, leave the part below your head loose and connect both the braids with a rubber band.
  • The Bun: Follow the first two steps in the former style and tie the ends into a bun.
  • The Alien: This is a style where the hair is tied into tight braids in an inside-out design. This style is a favorite of sci-fi movies; this is an excellent choice if you prefer a bold statement style.
  • Different sizes: This is a style where your braid starts off small, and the volume increases towards the end.
  • Top twists: In this style, your braid is only at the top, and the rest of your hair is left loose. Ideally, you can make the two braids at the top and connect them to form a bow; this will look good on kids.
  • Sexy styles: this is a relaxed type of braid; you’ll have to turn the end of Dutch braid into fishtail braid at the bottom. You can wear this to any event.
  • Accessories on braid: For this look, tie a tight braid down the middle of the head and leave the part after head loose; to the braid, add some accessories to elevate the look.
  • Standard pony: This is a style where you’ll have to plait a large braid on the top of your head, and the rest of the hair is raised into a high ponytail; to make it appear more interesting, you can tie the pony with the remaining portion of your hair.
  • Double Dutch: this consists of two braids; one on top of the other and it creates a crown-like appearance around your head.
  • Criss-cross: for this, follow the following steps:
  • Tie a large braid in the middle of the head
  • Plait multiple small braids
  • Now, tie the small braids around the large braid
  • Zig-zag style: you can make this by linking a bunch of twists in a zig-zag manner across your head.


  • Messy fauxhawk braided hairstyle
  • Headband braiding and messy curls
  • Winding braid
  • Side inside-out braid and a low bun
  • Turquoise tail
  • Jumbo side braid
  • Two-toned faux hawk
  • Regal ribbon texture
  • Lovely loops
  • Braid and bouffant
  • Blonde braided messy updo
  • Long messy braid
  • Multi-texture ponytail
  • Crown and bun
  • Edgy braids
  • Multiple braids
  • Embossed braids (for curly hair)
  • Straight styles
  • Pigtails in a circular up-do
  • Loose Pigtails on either side
  • Classic pigtails
  • Childish pigtails
  • Crowning Fishtail
  • Swirling bun
  • Bold Braids
  • Single small braid along the side
  • Swirling braid
  • Topknot with thin braids
  • Blending of two braids into bottom hair
  • Four loose loops as braid
  • Long and loose Dutch Braided low pigtails
  • Rock and roll look (Braid and Bun at the top; free at the bottom)
  • Wide and messy back braids
  • Top Crown
  • Standard Dutch looks
  • Polished Braid
  • Asymmetrical tapering
  • Bottom to top ends in a bow


The 50 Trendy Dutch Braid Hairstyle Ideas to Keep You Cool in 2018 are a few suggestions; you can choose the best one based on the thickness of your hair, the event you are attending,and so on.