Commuter-Friendly Makeup Essentials

Let’s face it, waking up early just to do makeup can be time-consuming. With the long commute ahead, many women all over the world prefer to sleep in and simply conserve their energy for the long day at work. In fact, many commuters prefer to simply do their face whilst on the road, often opting for portable and compact products.

So, for someone who wants to save time yet still want to remain fresh and beautiful, here are some commuter-friendly essentials for your arsenal:

CC Cushion

The Korean glass-skin trend is still very far from over. Despite having limited time on your hands, it has become easier to fake this glow with the help of a CC cushion. Equipped with skincare properties, this specialised cushion covers acne scars, wrinkles and problematic areas without looking toomade up.Infused with SPF 35 PA +++, this three-in-one product is a versatile tool to have in your kit. With a commitment to natural, glowing skin, this sleek, handy cartridge and puff combination help users achieve a radiant look in just a few pats.

Even the famous Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev, could not help but gush about the wonders of CC cream.

Two-Way Cake Powder

The scorching heat of the sun can be very unforgiving, particularly for individuals who are always in a rush. Because of this, setting the overall look with a two-way cake powder is essential. Not only does it help keep shine at bay, it also hides pores, allowing individuals to achieve a smooth and flawless appearance.

Matte or Cream Lipsticks

No look is complete without the use of lipstick. As a matter of fact, many women state that they can conquer the world with the right lipstick on. With many moisturising formulations available on the market, it is easier to find lip colours that are flattering for every skin tone. Armed with the perfect shade, women can feel powerful and ready to take on the day. Just be sure to get a formula that’s non-drying, ensuring a comfortable feel throughout the day.


Walking from one place to another gives commuters their much-coveted rosy glow. With the help of a compact blush, you too can keep your rosy complexion all day long. To properly execute this no-fail makeup look, make sure to pick a shade that is close to your natural colour. This way, it can appear natural as the day wears on.


Waterproof mascaras are a godsend. Not only does this hold up against hot and humid weather, this also lengthens and thickens the eyelashes. With its ability to enhance the shape of the eye, you can definitely draw looks with just a single swipe.

Keep your kit stocked with these staples and you will surely feel prepared. By using multi-functional products, you can definitely save time and space in your kit. Whether it be sudden meetings, unexpected night outs with friends or simply a romantic dinner date with your significant other, you can easily remedy the situation by having these makeup products from Plus Care Lab.