Things To understand And Know Before Ordering Nomination Bracelet.

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The nomination bracelet is the first composable bracelet. You can unite several links with alphabet letters and write your name on the bracelet. ‘Nomination’ is derived from Latin, which means ‘to name’. The Italian spirit is the distinguishing aspect of this type of jewelry. 

How to determine the number of links?

Several links are clipped together, so there is no general size as you can design them as per your wrist size, so they are termed as ‘Composable’. The number of links you will need is a little tricky. Every link has a rough measure of 1 cm in length. It is a good way to measure your wrist size and estimate the link numbers needed. If you prefer to wear a little loose, then add a couple of extra links. 

A general guide for link number

  • Adult male – 22 to 24 links
  • Adult female – 18 to 20 links
  • Child 13 to 16 links

It is sensible to have some extra links at the start than a few. Individual selling of links is prohibited, so if the bracelet you order is small, then ordering more links is not possible. On the other hand, if the bracelet is big, you can remove links and make it fit comfortably on your wrist. 

Can you purchase a ready-to-wear nomination composable bracelet?

The Jewel Hut has an iconic collection of Nomination Jewellery and offers free shipping on £30 purchases. From birthday and milestone charms to butterfly charms, there is always something you can find that suits your style and taste. You can choose a theme like alphabets, angels, baby, animal, birthstone, Christmas, crosses, fairies, floral, feather, bows, family, food, classic, friendship, etc. in materials like gold, silver, and steel. 

You will need to choose the number of plain links and at least a single charm because the selling of bracelets designed entirely from a plain link is forbidden. Remember that charm link inclusion will impact the plain link numbers you need. For example, if you order an 18 cm composable bracelet, then don’t purchase 18 links because there will be a 1 cm charm link. You will order 17 plain links along with the one charm link that will offer the 18 cm fit that you desire from the bracelet.

Can you buy charm links individually?

Certainly, plain links are not sold separately, but you will find a vast collection of charm links online.

How to wear and remove the bracelet without damaging or crushing it?

The nomination bracelets don’t have a hook or clasp for wearing or removing it from the wrist. The individual links expand, so you can easily and safely stretch over your hand and wear it or remove it. The links of the bracelets are extremely strong, but it is advised to take care while wearing and taking out for better longevity. 

Are composable bracelets available in different colors?

You can choose colors like yellow gold, classic silver stainless steel, blue, rose gold, and black. With these color options, you can design a bracelet suitable to your taste and style. Remember, these colors are arranged in stainless steel because this is the base material that does not change as per chosen color. 

Make sure to remove the Composable bracelet before you wash your hands. Frequent wear can make the bracelet a little dirty, so use soap and lukewarm water to clean it gently. Never submerge the bracelet in water.