Different types of bangle designs for boosting your feminine look

14 Alluring Bridal Bangle Style That would Steal all the Attention and  compliment your overall look!

When it comes to the epitome of style, silver bangles top the lists. Silver bangles are alluring, which gracefully support your wrists and highlight the discerning sense of flair. If you are looking for some fabulous jewellery for any occasion, opting for silver bangles might be the ideal choice. They will quickly go along with all your outfits, be it formal or casual. One of the best options, when you look for matching jewellery is silver. 

If you want a classier option, then there are varied silver bangle designs. The best part about silver bangles is they enhance the beauty of your personality. They are positive and boost your self-esteem, which sets you apart from others. Since there are varied designs out there, you get a clear idea about the silver bangles you can buy online. Following are some designs which you can consider boosting your feminine look: 

Marcasite silver bangle 

This bangle is made with beautiful, rounded beads and stones at the top, which gives a traditional look. These bangles are available in different shapes, styles, and designs on online jewellery shopping portals. You also find twisted bangles, zigzag bangles, thick and thin bangles, hinged bangle and stones and gems bangles within the silver bangle design. This bangle connected and ideal for a vintage collection, which provides an elegant look when worn. 

Engraved Sterling silver bangle 

This bangle has an elegant leaf and floral pattern design that can be polished with silver material, making it shiny and oxidised to give it a great, rich look to your hand. This is a handcrafted design with excellent craftsmanship, suitable for all occasions. This fine-crafted leaf and flower design on the bangle offers a gorgeous look to the wearers. 

Heart Charming bangle design made of silver 

This is a simple yet gorgeous sterling silver bangle that is handmade. You can display the cheerful disposition boldly with stunning heart charming bangles. In the earlier days, people hoped that wearing silver bangles will bring them luck and prosperity. This lovely heart bangle gives a contemporary look to women of all ages. 

Contemporary silver bangle 

These are modern accessories for any occasion and blends well for casual or formal events. This bangle is handcrafted and decorated with silver material. They add a unique touch to your attire and are made with silver sterling and wire with reticulated techniques. The texture makes it the best for everyday wear. 

Jeep silver bangle 

The jeep climbing is the centrepiece of the bangle. It is finely handcrafted with minute designs, and the tiny jeep provides the cutest look. Silver bangles are the primary choice for women, as it gives a simple look for any attire. Jeep bangles are customised as they are wired with heavy rings, and the silver metal is plated at the centre. 

Quoted silver bangle 

This custom-made designed bangle is based on a theme and suitable for gifting purpose to your friends or loved ones. They come in stainless steel and gives a new as well as fresh look to your hands. 

Horseshoe silver bangle 

These are perfect online jewellery for women, which looks aesthetically appealing and gives a modern look to the wearer. It is made with a careful design that gets beautifully rounded on the wrist and hands. This bangle has reflective surfaces, and the clean lines provide a simple, modern, and classy look. 

Turquoise silver bangle

The feature of this beautiful bangle reminisces the antique jewellery pieces, which delivers a traditional look and is the perfect choice to be worn on any occasion like wedding ceremonies and other such functions. The bangles are decorated with soft, blue-coloured enamelled beads, which contrasts with the silver bangles. 

Geometric bangles

These are specifically made of geometrical shapes which looks different from other silver bangle designs. It is extravagant and decorates your wrists, suitable for all outfits. They provide a relaxed look and comes in triangular, circular, rectangular, and square shape designs. 

Meenakari bangles

These are specially made for wedding functions and other such traditional events. These fabulously crafted bangles with conventional Indian art give it a royal, rich, and standout classic look. It is made with intricate craftsmanship, which displays beautiful colours and artwork. You will find such bangles on all online stores in India.