Questions to ask before you buy your next ring

Whether you’re shopping for wedding rings or you’re a fan of personal ornaments and want to add to your collection, you’ll know that expensive jewelry takes time to choose. Sure, you could walk into a shop and spend thousands of dollars on a few bracelets and necklaces, but the key to a good ring is choosing a piece of artwork that means something special to you. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up some questions to ask before buying a ring.

What is the meaning behind it?

Though most modern diamond rings are relatively simple and self-explanatory, some rings are steeped in tradition and history, and should only be worn with an understanding of their true meaning. Claddagh Rings, for example, are Irish traditional wedding and engagement rings, with their three symbols designed to represent love, friendship, and loyalty. Ask your jeweler about the meaning of your ring before you buy it, and do your own research on top.

How will I look after it?

The truth is that most jewelry won’t stay looking shiny new forever, so you should ensure you know how to look after it before you hand over the cash. One of the most popular ways to clean a diamond ring is to make your own solution with warm water and soap, soaking the rings for around 40 minutes and then gently brushing with a soft toothbrush. Some products have specialist cleaning apparatus or solutions, so speak to a professional to be in the know.

Is it going to fit me?

It’s now commonplace for couples to buy their wedding rings online, not only because there is a much wider selection, but because rings are much cheaper than high street jewelers. In order to properly understand your ring size, we recommend heading to a jeweler for a fitting, even if you don’t plan on buying from them, but there are apps and downloadable measures to help you find the right size. Remember to convert your ring to the US size – an L fit in the UK, for example, is a 5.75 in the United States. You should also be mindful of the fact that thicker band widths need a larger size. Only buy from stores with a money-back guarantee.

What is it made from?

Though online buying has changed the way we find jewelry for ourselves and partners, it has also head to poorer quality rings entering circulation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying from a trusted online store or a handmade seller on Etsy, always ask what the ring is made from and where its gems are sourced so you can verify their authenticity and quality. It is all too common to spend thousands on poor-quality rings and gemstones that aren’t real.

A new ring is an investment piece, something that you’ll potentially wear for the rest of your life. Though you’ll naturally be excited and want to order a ring as soon as possible, using common sense and shopping around will help you get the best deal and the perfect ring.