Do you know how to set a wedding budget?

How to Create a Realistic Wedding Budget

It can be stressful to plan a wedding, especially if you want it to be affordable. Marbella Wedding works hard to keep their clients’ budgets under control. These are ways to keep your wedding budget under control.

Venue booking in advance

Many venues are willing to offer a package deal to clients who book a wedding between Sunday and Thursday. You have the advantage to negotiate a lower price. It also means that weddings are less popular during the week.

Make a thorough research

These venues include botanical gardens, flower gardens, lakeside venues, or other similar venues that you might not have thought of when planning your wedding. You can still book your wedding at a venue even if it is not listed. These venues are often cheaper.

Venues that include equipment

Some venues include some of your equipment, most often tables and chairs, in the overall venue cost. It is usually cheaper to book with a venue that offers this service, especially if your event is large.

Get flowers that are in season

Flowers that are not in season are more expensive than flowers that are. Calla Lilies, Roses and Tulips are available all year round and are very popular for weddings. To save money, you can buy the seeds in advance and plant them if the flowers you are interested are out of season. 

Set your wedding budget beforehand

It will prevent you from spending more than you need and will allow you to negotiate with vendors to get the best price. You can quickly search Pinterest for wedding items to get an idea of the cost, what you need.

Save on dresses

The best deals are at the end of the wedding season. Boutiques will be trying to make room for the next season and customers may want to get rid some of the items they purchased for their wedding. This is the best time to save big on many items, whether you are looking for a gown or some supplies.

Hire a music group

Bands and DJs for weddings can be very expensive. Many times, students from your university’s music program will be willing to work at a lower price for you. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by finding a reliable team to help you with your wedding.

Guest count is important

A smaller venue means a smaller guest count. This lowers the overall cost of your wedding. Many people desire a large wedding with many guests. However, smaller venues are often more affordable and intimate. You will often find better deals on beer or wine when you buy large quantities of liquor.

Always hire a professional wedding planner. They guide you on how to decorate your wedding in a tight budget.