How to keep your hair from being frizzy in the humidity?

You must admit that curly locks live their own life – they absolutely do not care that on this day you didn’t plan to be a “fluffy”. As soon as the moisture arises in the air, the hair seemed to be going crazy. But there are special tools and tricks for smoothing recalcitrant curls, the main task of which is to protect curly hair from humidity.


  1. Pick a Hairstyle

If you live in a region known for its wet weather, first of all, you should choose a hairstyle that matches your hair type. Long hair and straight hairstyles help weigh down your hair without letting it frizz. Short and/or cascading hairstyles have significantly less weight and, while accentuating curly hair, can make it look even more curly.

  1. Wash your head with shampoo at least once every two days

The shampoo is great for removing dirt and grease from your hair, but not for curling frizz. This is because shampoo deprives hair of natural oils, making it silky and less manageable.

Although you can choose how often you wash your hair, taking a few days off between shampoos will make your hair look healthier and less frizzy. After shampoo and other treatment products, rinse your hair with cold water. It makes hair cuticles squeeze, adding gloss and making them more obedient.

  1. Dry your hair properly

Make sure you wring out all the moisture from your hair after washing. Otherwise, they will curl even if you will straighten them. The fact is that all types of hair, especially dense and curly, contain a lot of water. Towel dry by gently squeezing. The best towels for you are microfiber waffle structure. 

It is better to let your hair dry naturally so it doesn’t frizz too much, but when blow-drying your hair, take your time. Dry small areas of hair slowly at the lowest temperature. Move not across the growth of the hair, but along, to not divide the hair into sections, and not from the bottom up, so as not to increase the volume, as well as the splendour of curly hair. Keep in mind that blow-drying your hair will deprive the moisture away from the strands, making them more prone to frizz.

  1. Your chief aides are hair smoothing products

Apply frizz control to damp curls. It is important not to let them dry before applying the product, because the curl has already formed. There are many amazing lightweight formulas on sale now that will help keep strands smooth, even in high humidity.


After the hair is dry, go through the hair with an iron, preferably a ceramic one. Do not use too high temperatures so as not to burn your hair and you may additionally apply thermal protection.

Don’t forget the natural healing that you can do at home or choose from various websites on the Internet. Considering all tips above, one main rule can be made: Don’t be lazy and follow the provided steps to have amazing hair!