Tips To Take Care Of Your Leather Holster

You’ve invested in a holster, so you want it to last. But how do you keep your leather holster in top condition? For starters, here are some of the best practices for taking care of your leather holster:

Keep Your Leather Holster In A Dry, Dark Place

  • Keep your holster in a dry, dark place. Leather holsters are made of natural materials, which means that they can be susceptible to damage from moisture. If your holster gets wet, it may crack or fade over time.
  • Avoid storing your holster in direct sunlight for long periods of time: The longer you leave it out in the sun, the more likely it is that your holster will become discolored and damaged by exposure to UV rays (which cause fading).

Do Not Carry Your Weapon In The Same Holster Every Day

You should not carry your weapon in the same holster every day. If you do this, it will wear out much faster than if you take care of it properly.

Instead, when you’re not carrying your weapon or if you are storing it for some time (for example during vacation), remove it from its holster and let the leather dry out. Don’t store it with other items like keys or coins because these can scratch up the surface of your holster and damage its finish over time.

Only Use Products Made Specifically For Leather Holsters

  • Only use products made specifically for leather holster.
  • Don’t use products that contain alcohol, silicone or oil.
  • Don’t use products that contain wax.
  • Don’t use products that contain abrasives (like steel wool).
  • Avoid solvents like acetone or nail polish remover because they can damage the surface of your holster and cause it to become brittle over time.

When Wearing Your Holster On Your Belt, Make Sure It’s Not Too Tight Or Loose

When wearing your holster on your belt, make sure it’s not too tight or loose. If it’s too tight, the gun will be very uncomfortable to carry and can damage the holster as well. The same goes for if it’s too loose–the gun may fall off or bounce around and get in the way of other things (like getting caught on things).


If you want your holster to last, treat it with care and respect. Don’t leave it in the sun or rain, or expose it to extreme temperatures. You should also avoid getting dirt on your holster, as this can cause damage over time. Finally, make sure that you never store your gun in its holster for long periods of time; this could cause rusting and other damage that will destroy both items completely!

Hopefully that you enjoyed these tips on how to take care of your holster. Everyone knows that it can be hard to remember all the little things, but when it comes down to it, they’re really not that complicated and will make a big difference in how long your holster lasts. Click here to buy the best holsters online, that will surely reach your satisfaction.