Tips To Choose The Perfect Ladies Underwear

We would rather buy an anarkali dress from a shop after spending hours choosing the correct design and fit than spend even a fraction of that time on underwear. It is so embarrassing to sit in a shop and discus about the correct size and fit of underwear for ladies. But not any more!

With lots of online shopping websites selling women’s underwear, it has become easy to spend hours shopping for lingerie. In fact lingerie shopping is even more fun that buying clothes. But you must know how to shop for the correct one so that you do not regret your buy later on. Some tips which will help you to choose the perfect piece of lingerie are:

  • Knowing your correct fit: This can be easily achieved by:
    • Measuring you waist and your hips with the help of a tape measure,
    • Double checking your measurements to avoid chances of any error,
    • Ensuring that the elastics used in the lingerie are firm and strong and
    • Too tight a size should be avoided at all cost.
  • Choosing the cup size: The cup sizes for the brassiere ranges from A to D with the size A being the smallest and the size D being the largest. Knowing the cup size makes for a perfect fit and prevents sagging of breasts, if they are large and being uncomfortable if they are too tight.
  • Choosing the fabric correctly: Choosing the right type of fabric for the lingerie is important for your ease and comfort when you wear it. hence care must be taken to:
    • Choose cotton fabric, if possible,
    • Synthetic fabrics impart a slimmer look,
    • Silk fabrics are essentially meant for those special occasions.
  • Know your fashion: The fashion and make of the lingerie depends on the type of personality you sport like:
    • If you are the tomboy type, opt for the sports bra,
    • If you prefer convenience opt for the normal white tank top,
    • For bohemians, easy-breezy bralettes are ideal,
    • If you are the girly type choose a chemise slip and
    • For those sexy girls, a sexy teddy or a bodysuit helps to bring out the oomph.

Shopping for ladies underwear is an intimate experience, something that a woman rarely likes to share with anyone else. With online shopping websites offering a wide range and variety of the same, it has indeed become an experience to cherish.