Tips for Choosing the Right Lip Gloss for Yourself

If you are confused which lip gloss will suit you the best. It can be overwhelming to shop for the right one for yourself when you have a wide range of options available. However, you can choose the best lip gloss for lips and your skin tone considering a few factors while shopping the lip gloss. You can get lip gloss in various places like beauty stores, local stores, department stores, shopping malls, pharmacies, and online stores as well. We recommend you to buy it from beauty stores as they can better guide you choose the right shade according to your skin tone and texture. Here are a few things that will help make smart decision while buying the lip gloss (ลิปกลอส, which is the term in Thai).

  • Lip gloss is used for various purposes, and to find the right one for you, you should understand for what purpose you are buying it. Some people wear it to add shine to the lips, while others want to add moisture and hydrate their lips. Most of the people also love to wear lip gloss because they give lips natural and slight color. Flavor and fragrance are also one of the major reasons why people like to wear lip gloss. So decide what do you expect from your lip gloss and accordingly choose the one with the features highlighting your expectation.
  • If you don’t like wearing lipstick regularly, then choose the sheered colored one for your lips. It can give your lips a slight color making it look naturally colored. You can go with the full colored lip gloss that colors your lips darker than your natural lip color. Make sure you choose the colored lipstick according to your skin tone and complexion. If you are wearing it on your lipstick, then go with the non-colored lip gloss.
  • If you are wearing heavy eye makeup or dark eye makeup, going with full colored lip gloss can make you look more colored. So go with the sheered colored lip gloss to highlight and match your look.
  • Lip gloss with glitter looks absolutely stunning and bold. However, the glitter might stick to your teeth so better be ready to handle your lips or opt for the non-glitter one.
  • When choosing the flavored lip gloss, remember not all the flavors are true and natural. Therefore, always check the lip gloss before buying one. Strawberry, cherry, peppermint, lemon are some of the most loved flavors of lip gloss.