The New Rolex Watches In 2021 That You Must Not Miss Out On!

There are several options available in the market for you to choose from, but the task is to select the best in the crowd. A watch is an elegant element, something that makes your outfit more appealing. Rolex released a total of 16 new timepieces this year. Here are some of the latest and the new Rolex watches (นาฬิกา โร เล็ก ซ์ รุ่น ใหม่, which is the term in Thai) collection that just launched this year. Their unique watchmaking expertise puts this time collection to a height.

Check It Out The New Rolex Explorer II

It is one of the most selling products, completing its 50th birthday this year. People were expecting something grand, but instead of materializing the celebration, an upgraded version of Explorer II gets launched. It is just honestly the youth generation having all the new Rolex watch technology and features. 

All around refinement is done in the Explorer II, one being the movement, and others may entail using the brand’s design. Chroma light illumination helps in the low-light discernibility of the dial offered in the current new format. The watch has an imperceptibly more tenuous case and the most nocturnal cool look Rolex oyster ornament. It is the only better version of the eye.

OG Rolex Explorer Another Best edition in 2021

Rolex likes to focus on a single collection of watches for their significant updates. Both the explorer edition are very different pieces of watches. At the same time, Explorer will be completing its 70 years in 2023; significant changes are expected in its model. The current model shrinks 39mm – 36mm, making a massive variation in the top classic mountaineering appearance. 

The most advanced automatic change – the new Rolex watch 3230, and its unique dial is created in black lacquer. A Tremendous variation exists in the new model, i.e., Explorer, and it is available in two-tone steel and gold (or “Rolesor”) for the first time. This feature is the main center of attraction of the model. 

Rolex Daytona

One can say this is the “exotic” variation of an existing watch. In 2021 the brand has repeatedly transmuted to the meteorite, previously including the dial treatment of the – GMT Master II. Many other watches were made from this material, but the Daytona was in the hot seat this year. The 3 versions of Daytona are released this year featuring meteorite dials, paired with 18k yellow, white, and the Eve rose lovely gold cases. 

Cost varies from $34,050 to $43,700.

These are some of the new Rolex watches for this year, varying in material, looks, and lightning, making the latest versions much more exciting and efficient than previous versions. Check it out!