The Mystery Behind Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine is one of the most enchanting gemstones. No other stone can match Aquamarine’s soothing nature. However, the gemstone’s gorgeous appearance is not the only factor behind its popularity. The official birthstone for March-born babies, Aquamarine, is more than just a distant cousin of Emerald. As a gemstone, Aquamarine has a special status in the ‘beryl’ family of minerals. It has a long history with ancient elements such as the ocean and water in general. A simple glance at this sparkling gemstone is enough to remind users of gorgeous blue oceans. When placed in minimalistic style jewelry stores, Aquamarine embodies class. Hence, in the past few years, it has become a popular center stone for posh engagement rings.

Why Your Partner Deserves Aquamarine

When buyers gift Aquamarine Rings for their loved ones, it represents a passage of years of folklore. As a gemstone, Aquamarine is synonymous with truth, serenity, peace, and love. In ancient times, Aquamarine symbolized the appeal of mermaids. Hence, these rings are popular amongst wealthy sailors who wear it as a symbol of good luck. The stone contains multiple iron components. These minerals entangle to give the stone durability and unique color. The stone is rare, and one of its primary sources is Brazil. The country is full of mines that provide Aquamarine gemstones with breathtaking colors.

How to Wear Aquamarine

In terms of hue, tone, and contrast, you have countless options. However, make sure to purchase high-density Aquamarine gemstones that have an intrinsic quality of standing out. You can wear your bright blue Aquamarine ring with pretty much any classic outfit. The mysterious hue of your precious Aquamarine stone is guaranteed to stun any ballroom. Aquamarine rings are available in countless cuts. However, calculate the carat per weight of your gemstone before buying a ring or any Aquamarine jewelry set.