The Great SPA Massage As per the Requirement

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Virtually every massage has a firming effect on the body and skin and can support slimming treatment. These types of massages can use classic techniques, but the movements performed with them are more intense and stronger, they can even cause discomfort or pain. Often, various types of devices are also used to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

One of the types of slimming massage is a procedure made using silicone bubbles. It is performed by masseurs or beauticians. It consists of sliding on the body – usually hips, thighs and buttocks – bubbles that suck on it, enhancing the effects of massage, stimulating circulation and shaping the figure. The treatment costs from about dollar 50 for 30 minutes. The most expensive will be a specialized full-body massage lasting 60 to 120 minutes. For various varieties we will pay about 100-300 dollars. A short massage of a selected body part can cost about 30-80 dollars.

Who is it for: First of all for athletes and people who need muscle regeneration. It will also be useful for those who returned to training after a break and feel that the body needs additional support.

The series of so-called rollmassages using a special rotary massager

With its help, we can massage our feet, inside and outside of the thighs, buttocks, calves, abdomen, back and hands, acting on each part of the body. The procedure takes about an hour, because each stage should last about 4 minutes. Rollmasage is often offered in series of 10. It costs around dollar 120. The montreal city spa happens to be the perfect option there.

If you prefer classic methods, choose lymphatic drainage. This massage technique is to stimulate blood and lymph to circulate faster, and in effect help get rid of fat and cellulite. The masseur makes quite strong upward movements to massage any stasis and swelling and remove toxins from the skin. Depending on the salon and duration, it may cost around 50-200 dollar.

Remember that with this type of treatment the most important thing is regularity. So it is best to buy a series of massages, at which in most salons you will receive a discount.

Rejuvenating and lifting massage, or how much a facial massage costs

20-30 minutes is enough for the face, neck and cleavage to shine. Thanks to the skillful stroking, rubbing, kneading, stinging, modeling and lifting movements, the skin will be oxygenated, better supplied with blood, its elasticity and tension will improve, and swelling will be reduced. Regular massages are an effective way to non-invasively smooth wrinkles and soften facial features. The procedure is performed on the basis of cream, oils or ampoules with concentrated ingredients. It costs from 40 to 80 dollar depending on the choice of cosmetics.

Facial massages should not, however, be chosen by people with inflammation and allergic skin changes, tonsillitis, nodules in the lymph nodes, fever, hyperthyroidism, after tooth extraction and hypertension.

Facial massage price, indications

Hot stone massage, i.e. massage for muscle relaxation

For massage with stones, black basalt heated to approximately 50 ° and cool marble are used. These stones come from the waters of the ocean, which they owe a smooth, pleasant texture. They must be stored in sea salt or spring water to preserve their valuable properties.