Safe Colored Contact Lenses To Wear

Colored lenses are in trend and a great way to change our appearance. However, purchasing such lenses without being evaluated by an optometrist can cause serious infections and you might have to give up your eyesight permanently. However, that does not mean that you cannot try on new looks with colored contact lenses.

You just need to be careful to only buy contact lenses from the right sources and get an optometrist evaluation done before buying one.

If you are unable to read your prescription correctly, you can contact the customer service team at Solotica and they will help in finding the right prescription color contact lenses for you. The lenses you will choose will be customized according to your vision and other requirements specified by you like the color and type of lens.  Their lenses are safe and they ship them in safe packaging throughout the world.

Damages caused by contact lenses

If you are using contacts for cosmetic purposes, even then you must carry a prescription. This is because:

  • This is because many non prescription color contact lenses do not ensure the right thickness of the pigment of the lens.
  • A thicker lens can block the amount of oxygen that reaches your eye.
  • In the absence of oxygen, cells can fail to function and even die resulting in blindness.
  • Also, if the lenses are not sterile which is the case with many lenses that are sold without a prescription, severe eye infections can occur.
  • If you are not sure of the correct fitting of a lens, it can also scratch your cornea and produce open sores in your eyes that are very painful conditions.

Hence, it is good to schedule a visit to the optometrist and get a prescription for the contacts, especially for those who are looking for toric colored contacts due to astigmatism.

Another important safe practice while buying contact lenses is to buy only from reputed dealers and ensure that FDA approves the lenses for the safety of use. Any souvenir shop or costume dealer is not the place from where you should be buying such delicate eyewear as it can cause severe damage.

Types of prescription lenses

Now that you know that only prescription, colored contacts are safe to use, let us see the type of lenses that you can choose from:

  • Enhancement lens: These just produce an enhancement effect on your natural eye color and are generally used by those with light eye color.
  • Opaque tint lens: With these, you can get a completely new color like blue, green, etc. even if you have darker eye color.
  • Sport tint lens: These lenses are specifically designed to reduce glare that can affect your ability to play a sport.

If you are buying your color contact lenses from any reputable store, they will ask for the contact details of your optometrist and will not sell you any lenses without a proper measurement provided in the prescription. The exact measurement of your iris and cornea curve is important to make any custom contact lenses.