Sacred Geometry: Basic Things You Need To Know

Sacred geometry is something that has been studied for centuries. It is one of the most common ways that the physical world can be linked to the spiritual world. Religious monuments, art, and even churches feature sacred geometry. Whether it’s something personal like a pair of Sri Yantra earrings or something grander like a sanctuary filled with sacred geometry, it is always better to learn more about the different patterns of existence. Doing so can help you bring closer to possible enlightenment or even just peace of mind. Below are some of the basic things that you need to know regarding sacred geometry.


The history of sacred geometry is very lengthy to include in its entirety. A brief look at the products of sacred geometry will give you a perspective on how influential all throughout history. Whether it is Christianity, Judaism, or even Paganism, you will encounter sacred geometry in different arts and creations.

The more religious folk tend to gravitate toward recognizable patterns that point to sacred geometry. Shapes such as circles, half circles, triangles, squares, and others are commonly found in paintings and drawings all throughout history. Religious texts link them to patterns that occur in nature as a step towards creation.

Depending on the religion, the Creator is an entity that is represented as a person for most ancient religions. This entity is almost always attributed to the center of the bridging patterns. These patterns can be identified as sacred geometry. Tetrahedron and double tetrahedron are some of the shapes that you will encounter.

Balance is a dominant aspect of most religions. Moderation is encouraged as observed in nature. If there is no balance, things are doomed to fail according to a lot of religious texts. This is why patterns such as those that we see in flowers and shells can be connected to life itself.


Whenever something sacred is brought up, healing is another topic that comes into mind. Healing is one of the more attractive aspects that can be discussed whenever talking about sacred geometry. The use of Sri Yantra earrings is one such topic where the implementation of sacred geometry is said to be the reason why healing could be expected.

Healing is not a new facet of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry itself is closely linked to life and creation. That’s why it is not far-fetched to believe that items that strongly represent sacred shapes can provide us with healing. Healing, through recreation, becomes stronger when the intent is strong as well.

Faith and belief are two strong factors that must be weighed when using sacred geometry for healing purposes. Consciousness on a physical level can only get you so far. It is important to find inner peace and connect with invisible energy around us. The bond created between the physical and the spiritual can lead to endless possibilities.

Sacred geometry, as you can see, is a topic that has a lot of depth. There is a lot to discover beyond the shapes that we see with our naked eye.

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