Quick and Simple Hair Dos for A Late Start

Sometimes you might find yourself in a rush and without enough time to do your hair. In demanding jobs like health pr and image consultancy you have no option but to always look your best. Here we’ll look at some simple but classy hairstyles you can whip up on a rushed morning.

  • Ponytails

One of the easiest looks you can pull off is a ponytail. Whether your hair is long or medium, with the right hair tie, you can get a fashionable do in no time. You have a variety of ponytails to choose from depending on how much time you have on your hands. The most basic ponytails have five simple steps;

  1. Gather your combed hair in your dominant hand with a hair tie around your wrist
  2. Make an L-shape with the hair you’re holding with your thumb at the bottom
  • Lift your hair up to the height you want; low, back of the head or high
  1. Smooth back your hair with a comb until it lies smooth with your less dominant hand
  2. Pull the hair tie on with your less dominant hand and mist up the ponytail with hairspray

In five simple moves you will have yourself a simple but work efficient hairstyle. You’ll now be ready to face your day. There are so many simple ways to doll up your ponytail if you feel it’s a bit too plain.

  • French braid

Braids are easy and forever elegant. They can fit into any occasion and be whatever you want them to be. French braids are pretty classy and are simple to do. They offer many variations that can change a simple outdoor look into one worth of a ballroom. All you need are a previous knowledge of basic braiding. With the following easy steps you’ll have yourself a beautiful do.

  1. Brush your hair backwards for a single braid going down the back of yout head or sideways if you want a side braid
  2. Gather big chunks of your hair from the top center of your head
  • Separate the first chunk into three parts; making sure the parts are as even as possible
  1. Begin doing a traditional braid by crossing the three parts over and under each other alternatively
  2. Work in new hair from the next chunks; work with grabbing hair from the sides of your head before bringing a part to the center
  3. Work down your head by incorporating all of your hair
  • Finish off the braid and use a ponytail holder at the end to keep it from unwinding

These hairstyles give you the freedom and time to work in the extra accessories or fancy twists. There might be many more quick DIY hairstyles out there but these two are definitely among the simplest yet classy looks.