How To Maintain Brazilian Virgin Hair In Best Condition?

This brand of virgin hair has a strong resemblance to the natural hair of the Brazilians. Brazilian virgin hair is very much popular among its users because of its qualities. It is silky smooth, shiny with all shades of brown and black colors.

It comes in different styles such as straight, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, yaki straight and many more. It requires minimal maintenance and has easily blending texture for use with different types of hair. It does not tangle easily and has a very long life.

Lace Frontals:

Lace frontal adorns the hair extension. It not only enhances the beautiful look but also complements the hair extension properly. It also goes well with natural hair. Generally, it is hand-crafted as per the design of the hair extension with which it is to be used. It goes without saying that virgin hair is used in making the lace frontal also.

Maintenance of Brazilian Hair:

For great looks and durability of the hair product, it is also required to be handled with care. Care of the hair product should be similar to that of our natural hair. Care should be taken for its proper storage also to avoid gathering of dust, mites, etc. on it. If not duly maintained, the product will give the ugly, unkempt look and may prove to be a health hazard for the person using it in that condition.


Following points merit attention for general maintenance of the hair extensions made from Brazilian virgin hair:

  • Use of heavy oils should be avoided on these hair extension products.
  • These need to be washed with shampoo with fewer amounts of chemicals and conditioned properly at least once in two or maximum three weeks so that it does not lose its beauty. The conditioner needs to have moisturizer content in it.
  • These need to be air-dried instead of chemicals.
  • Combs and brushes are not to be used on these extensions in their wet condition as it will reduce its life. However, if it gets tangled, the untangling should be done using a wide-toothed comb.
  • After draining out excess water from the hair extension it should be allowed to dry naturally and should not be exposed to the sun.
  • Serum or any other hair product should be free from alcohol to avoid the hair extension from getting frizzy.

New Star Virgin Hair is best to use, provided proper care is taken in maintaining the same as per abovementioned points.