How to Keep Your Clip-In Extensions Looking Great All Summer

Summer is fast approaching, the heat, dry weather and constant use can wreak havoc on your hair extensions. To help you combat this issue and keep your extensions healthy throughout the entire year, follow our summer hair extension care tips below.

  1. Skip the Salt Sprays

While you may love the way salt sprays help you to capture ideal beach hair without having to make a roadtrip to the ocean, all of that salt can really damage your Virgin Remy Hair Extensions. Clip-in extensions can stand up to a lot of abuse, but salt isn’t one of them and can become damaged very quickly and easily if you use salt sprays.

Not only do salt sprays contain salt, but they’re also full of alcohol. These two ingredients not only dry really quickly, but will also suck the moisture out of your hair. Your extensions will begin to tangle very easily and quickly and will be hard to brush back out. Additionally, they’ll start to look very frizzy due to the alcohol and salt, making them stand out from the rest of your hair.

Instead of using salt spray to get the waves that you crave, use a leave-in conditioner that will enhance curls. Scrunch it through damp hair, including your extensions, which will give you a lot of body and movement without the unfortunate side effects.

  1. Keep Them Dry

While you may want to go swimming with your extensions in or hop in the shower quickly, getting your clip-in extensions wet will really damage them and cause them to age quickly. There are two main problems that occur when you get these extensions wet.

First, any salt or chlorine in the water will cause your extensions to become frizzy and begin to mat quickly. If you do accidentally get them wet in the pool or ocean, you will need to wash them carefully right away. Use shampoo and conditioner to protect them.

Second, if you wear your extensions in the shower, you need to be prepared for them to get hopelessly tangled with the rest of your hair. Your extensions and your real hair will wrap together, making it almost impossible to remove the extension and damage it in the process. This will result in you having a lot of difficulty getting the extension out of your hair and can damage not just the clip, but your real hair as well.

  1. Give Them the Deep Conditioning they Need

We all do a great job conditioning our real hair to keep it looking its best, and your clip-in extensions need the same care and treatment. Regularly deep conditioning them will increase how long they last and is fairly easy to do. Simply dampen your extensions after you take them out and then apply a fair amount of your chosen deep conditioner. By starting at the ends of the extension, you can slowly work your way up, applying conditioner and rubbing it into the strands.

Either allow your extensions to sit overnight covered in the deep conditioner before washing them out or speed up the process with a shower cap. After wrapping the conditioner-covered extensions in a shower cap, blow them with warm air for around an hour to ensure the conditioner is able to soak into the cuticle. After the hour is over, you can carefully and gently wash the extensions to remove the conditioner.

About the Author

Diane Stone is the owner-operator of Dynasty Goddess Hair, with a factory in Thailand & Office and Shipping Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, they are one of the top retailers in Virgin Remy Hair Extensions in the USA.