How To Care For Safety Shoes

For safety shoes to be durable and efficient, care must be taken concerning the use and storage of PPE. According to NR 6, all Personal Protective Equipment must be left at the company and used only during work.

Keeping PPE in an excellent state of conservation is a duty of employees while supplying and storing materials is a duty of the company. Do not store shoes in humid environments, not even indirect exposure to the sun.

Depending on the material in which the equipment is made, these conditions can cause deteriorations, which will reduce the useful life of the material. Thus, the worker will be exposed to risk, and the employer will have more expenses on equipment.

So always remember our tips for taking care of your Safety Shoes:

  • Check the storage of the PPE: do not leave the shoes in humid environments or at high temperatures;
  • In unfavorable environments, do not exceed the exposure time limit;
  • The recommended temperature for storing shoes is below 30ºC;
  • The relative humidity of the air must be below 70%;
  • Check the condition of your PPE stock frequently;
  • Before using the shoes, recommend that the worker check the conditions of use.

Have You Heard Of Hydrolysis?

Hydrolysis is the name given to the process of decomposition or alteration of a substance. In the case of Safety Shoes, Hydrolysis can occur in the sole once made of Polyurethane (PU).

When shoes are exposed for a long time to humidity or extreme temperatures, this substance will decompose. This causes the soles of ordinary shoes, such as gym shoes, for example, to spoil over time.

When Polyurethane decomposes, the sole of the shoe can crack, crack or even become brittle. In this way, it completely loses its protective and safety effect. Exposing the worker to different types of unnecessary risks.

To avoid Hydrolysis, it is necessary to take excellent care of the cleaning and storage of Safety Shoes. Ensure that everyone on your team is well informed about this issue and best practices for those conditions.

Where To Buy Your Safety Shoes?

The best way to make sure you are purchasing quality products is to purchase products from a PPE store or distributor that you trust. If you need guidance, you will need a technician or a qualified person to guide you.

You will need to be sure that the seller is being honest and not just wanting to sell. This is the main thing you should look for when choosing the store to buy thewhite Safety Shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ สี ขาว which is the term in Thai).