How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Have you ever faced a cracked foundation problem? If not then you do not know the true girl problems. Foundation, as the name says, is the base of your makeup. If it is not applied perfectly, it can ruin your entire look. For the glamorous and decent look, you must apply the foundation flawlessly. You can experience the difference in look with a nicely applied foundation and a cracked foundation. Do you want to know how you can apply foundations flawlessly? Here are some tips that may come in handy.

Find the Right Match for Your Skin Tone

The first thing that you must keep in mind is the foundation tone you use. Match the skin tone and foundation tone before buying. The one that matches the skin tone is the right one. Remember, foundations are used to make your skin look better than the older version. They cannot make you look fairer or darker.

Cleanse and Moisturize Your Face before Applying

Wash your face to remove all the dirt and moisturize your face immediately. Foundation Estee [รองพื้น estee, which is the term in Thai] has better results if you apply it on a clean, moisturized, and hydrated skin.

 Do Not Apply a Thick Coat

Thick coats are not a wise choice for the foundation. Use two to three drops of your foundation. If you need a thick coat, use two to three drops in two turns. Using a big quantity of the product at once will not give you a flawless look.

Use a Blender for a Natural Look

Flawless foundation is a result of using the right amount and perfect blending. Use beauty blenders to spread the product evenly on the face. Apply some foundation on your neck as well. Otherwise, the tone of your face and neck will not match and you will get an unnatural look.

These tips will help you get a flawlessly applied foundation. Look more beautiful and attractive with a finely applied foundation.