How to Apply Eyeshadow Correctly?

Are you prepared to find out some expert suggestions, as well as techniques concerning eye makeup application?

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Always start with an eye guide.

Eye primer helps develop a smooth surface area for the makeup of the eye. When the primer gets dried, you will be able to apply an eyeshadow [อายแชโดว์, which is the term in Thai] base that helps make the eye shadow adhere to the skin much better. If the eyeshadow base isn’t available to you, a structure or concealer will do.

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Start with four underlying tones.

For novices, you want to start with four fundamental tones to pull off a day-to-day all-natural look. You need a highlighter that is a color lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-tone shade, a shaped shade 2-3 shades darker compared to the skin, as well as a black matte shade. If you want to use a facial highlighter, you can carry it on.

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Order the essential eye makeup brushes.

You will need a little level eyeshadow brush for application, a tiny, as well as medium-sized mixing brush with a smudger, which is optional.

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Move your level brush on the lightest shade, as well as apply this on the inner edge of the eyes. This is the pace the majority of the product should be applied, and then you can quickly mix outwards after.

Ensure to touch your brush before putting on get rid of the excess item.

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Here’s a neat trick you can attempt: Dip the brush’s tip in water to sufficiently moisten it. Then slide it on the eyeshadow, as well as apply once again in the inner-most edge of the eyes. You’ll be surprised at exactly how pigmented it is.

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Now on the mid-tone shade, make use of a blending brush to use the eye shadow over the fold, mixing from the external corner inwards.

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Contour the eyes.

Making use of the contour shade, apply from the external corner while blending into the crease on the outer half of the eye. You should ensure not to mix too much as the mid-tone shade always needs to be higher than the shape color.