Hottest Women’s Sneakers to Drop in 2022

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As the new year rolls in, so does the list of trends that are slated to dominate markets this year. Sneakers, in all shapes and sizes, feature very high on this list. The versatility, wearing comfort and styling flexibility offered by a good pair of sneakers remains unmatched in the footwear category. Moreover, vintage aesthetics are coming back in a big way, and 90s-inspired sneakers form a significant part of this trend. 

So, if you wish to hop onto the bandwagon with the latest styles in sneakers, keep reading as Thrifter lists the hottest drops to look out for in 2022:

1. Prada Flower Print Nylon Sneakers

Prada’s brand DNA for its high fashion collections has been clean, chic and classic. So, when Prada ventured into athleisure and streetwear, fans were excited to see how the signature elements of the brand would merge with the more free-flowing, dynamic aesthetic of streetwear. But time and again, Prada has delivered hits in this category, in collaboration with streetwear giants as well as in its own pieces. 

In 2022, you should be super excited for Prada’s upcoming drop in the category. The chunky-soled, black and white sneakers are adorned with a sophisticated floral pattern. The contrasting design elements beautifully blend the soft graphics with a sporty design. The hybrid character of the shoe is a definite stand-out. This one is a must have for this spring season. 

2. Nike Air Jordan 4 Blank Canvas

Move over leather, fabric, mesh, and every other well-known material; canvas is here to rule the roost! Nike has switched up its familiar material choices to bring its latest design for women’s sneakers in canvas. The Blank Canvas is a much-loved retro Air-Jordan silhouette, with a design true to its name. The embellishments, vibrant colours and brand insignia synonymous with one of Nike’s most popular shoes, have been stripped back. 

The shoe, slated to launch in February 2022, features an off-white canvas upper, with geometric detailing. The midsole has a signature Nike air jordan women, while the sole itself is bright white with minimal red and blue detailing. This pair is a perfect example of a shoe that makes a statement without being too loud. 

3. Adidas Yeezy 450 Sulfur

If there is one shoe that you get in 2022, let it be the Adidas Yeezy 450 in ‘sulfur’. Yeezy continues to push the boundaries of design innovation with this latest iteration of its Yeezy 450. Though the design is unconventional, that is the very reason why you should be excited about it. It is difficult to break the much-loved and all-too-familiar silhouette mold of the sneakers. But Yeezy succeeds in doing that with this almost wing-shaped shoe. 

The upper, made in a meshed fabric, is nearly encased in the rubberized sole. Instead of keeping it predictably flat, the sole has been designed in beautiful wave pattern, that contributes to the lightness of the design. It also outlines the distinct wing-like shape of the shoe. While earlier versions have been in darker tones, the latest drop, in a light yellow colour, is perfect for the lightness and brightness of the upcoming spring.  

4. A Ma Maniere x Nike Air Jordan 2

AMM has had some memorable collections with Nike in the past two years, and it seems like the successful streak will continue into 2022. The two design extraordinaries are set to launch their version of the Air Jordan 1. While a lot has not been revealed about the final design, mock-ups and the touted colour palette has got fans excited for the launch. 

The upcoming pair is slated to feature strong black and burgundy tones, contrasting off of a softer pink background. While the final look is yet to be seen, patrons can expect to see the use of luxury materials and fine detailing, which is a signature of this collaboration. 

5. Adidas ZX 8000 Strawberry Latte

Dressed in delicious tones of pinks, beige and off-white, the Adidas ZX 8000 Strawberry Latte is a treat to behold. The super pretty and playful colour scheme is a perfect release for this spring-summer season, when vibrant colours dominate wardrobes. The design does not detract from the predictable sporty silhouette of the sneaker shoe. The pair is designed is textile and mesh, with suede detailing that gives a vintage aesthetic. A pop of green plays off wonderfully against the pink and instantly catches the eye. This one will easily become your favourite spring purchase.