Five Staple Bras that Every Woman Should Own

Girls, it is time to update your lingerie drawers.

We are all guilty of clinging on to old bras that are comfortable yet discoursed and frayed, however it is important for us all to be brave and throw out the old to replace with the new. Buying new bras doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank either – Through investing in 5 key bras you can cater for all occasions and outfits. Keep on reading to discover the five bra types which you need in your life…

Must Have Bras


T-Shirt Bra – The t-shirt bra, as you can probably guess I great worn under t-shirts and other similar tops. The smoothness in which this bra type offers makes it perfect to be worn under clothes of all kinds. A good thing about this bra type is that a variety of knickers can be purchased to match, allowing for women to choose the knickers that flatter their figures the most.

Colourful Triangle Bra – Every woman should unleash their fun sides and purchase a triangle bra, picking coloured ones where possible. These bras are incredibly cute and can be worn in the bedroom and under clothes. Many people choose to wear clothing which reveals a peak of these bras – and the look that this offers is not in any way tacky either. Go to Paris, and you will see many glamourous ladies sporting this look.

Super Sexy Bra – Every woman should own at least one super sexy bra with knickers of their choice to match. Sexy lingerie does not have to be worn for others either, many women choose to wear sexy lingerie under their clothes on regular days to increase their confidents and allow them to feel super sexy. Go buy sexy underwear and try it on, I can guarantee you will feel like a brand new woman.

Strapless Bra – We all own clothing items that when wearing a bra shows the straps but when not wearing a bra looks unflattering. This is why women must invest in a strapless bra. Most people choose for their strapless bra to be white, nude or black depending on the colours that they typically wear. You want to choose a bra that is going to be able to serve you when wearing range of outfits. Another option which can be purchased as an alternative to a strapless bra is a multifunctional bra such as one that comes with removable straps.

Control Bra – Control bras typically come with fabric which tightly holds in the tummy, similar to shapewear knickers that have been popular for some time. Full bodysuits are even available to control the entire mid-section and can be worn under glamourous gowns to make women appear to look seamless.

If you go out and buy these five bra types you will have a bra perfect for every occasion and will never have to worry about what bra to wear again.