Can India’s rural poor use crowdfunding for their own community development?

Online fundraising in a crowdfunding India has come as a blessing to so many, be it NGOs, nonprofits, social enterprises, or just regular families and individuals who need financial aid. In the urban landscape, it is quickly replacing most other traditional ways to arrange funds, such as loans, insurances, borrowings from friend and relatives, or appealing to investors. While it’s safe to say that the benefits far outweigh the challenges of a fast growing crowdfunding India, there are a few gaps that need to be addressed.

The rural and urban disparity in our country divides us in terms or opportunity, accessibility, and all other spheres. At Impact Guru, we recognize the power of crowdfunding in bringing about positive change in rural India, but the fact remains that they still rely on the technological knowledge and expertise of the urban population, to make their cause heard. Only 20% of our population has is on the internet. So, to answer the question this article was meant to answer – Yes, India’s rural poor can use crowdfunding for their own community development, but they need our help.

So if you’re someone who’s out to improve the life/ lives of one or people in rural India, your possibilities are endless. As far as community development goes, here are a few ideas for campaigns for which you can easily raise money on Impact Guru.

  1. Unbroken supply of electricity or installments of solar panels for light.
  2. Clean and continuous water supply.
  3. Build toilets and sanitation facilities.
  4. Build schools for children in rural areas.
  5. Conduct health screening and provide free medicines for people suffering from an illness
  6. Ensure an internet connection for all regions.

These are just a few basic and civic necessities that are still lacking in our rural areas. Coming back to our initial point, empowering them with financial independence is largely dependent on how we train them in understanding the concept of crowdfunding, and how they can use the internet to raise money to improve their individual communities in small and large ways.

It’s amazing to think of all the possibilities and social improvements that can take place if we all encourage a crowdfunding India, in urban and rural regions. With an internet connection, we can enable them to gain knowledge,on so many subjects to aid community development. Our hope at Impact Guru is that financial sustainability through online crowdfunding will be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of the rural poor.