Benefits of gender reassignment

The main reason why transgenders go for sex reassignment is that they do not feel confident in their skin. What adds to their misery is that they can not do anything about it. According to recent stats, transsexual (Transgenders of undergoing sex reassignment) are much less likely to need mental health services. Why? Because undergoing transgender surgery has given them a sense of clarity and cleared all the ambiguities they had regarding their identity. They achieved the morale they always wanted, the sense of satisfaction from their skin and body. This is a reason why they come forward, carry on their daily activities with a new sense of contentment.

Effects of sex change on daily life

Before undergoing the surgery, the transgenders have reported facing victimization and gender discrimination from the people they interact with daily. According to recent studies, transgender surgery has helped the transgenders improve their quality of life, interpersonal relationships, have significantly reduced concerns about gender-related discrimination and victimization, and family support. The transgender surgery or SRS brings mental health benefits to a patient. How would you perform efficiently if you are confused about your own personality? So, sex reassignment has proved to be a life-changing decision for the majority of the people and has changed the way at how they look at life.

Male to female surgeries are more common

According to gminsights, the male to female sex reassignment is way more common among the people. If we talk about its market value in the year 2017, 115.5 million USD was spent to change the male genitals to female genitals. 60% of the total sex-change surgeries were male to female sex reassignment. Thailand is one of the biggest markets of sex change as more and more people are preferring it because of the quality of healthcare and affordable rates. Real time clinic is one of the institutes that has dedicated to providing every possible solution and help to its patients. From picking you up from the airport to booking a room near the clinic, they will help you in every regard.