The ‘Dad Bob’ Hair Extensions trend

In the constantly changing realm of hairstyling, new trends frequently appear, introducing fresh looks and innovative techniques. One of the latest trends causing a stir in the world of haircuts is the ‘Dad Bob’. Promoted by Creative Ambassador Andrew Barton, this modern twist on the classic bob is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and timeless charm.

What exactly is the Dad Bob?

The ‘Dad Bob’ is a modern twist on the traditional bob haircut, characterized by its relaxed, effortless vibe. Inspired by the low-maintenance approach typically associated with fatherhood, this style embodies a casual yet chic aesthetic. It is slightly longer than traditional bobs and would sit between your chin and shoulder. Either with a blunt cut baseline for those with fine hair or with soft minimal layers through the bottom for those with thicker tresses to prevent a triangle or bell shape.  But, whatever your hair type the Dad Bob is perfect for those seeking a stylish yet manageable look.

Now, you might be wondering how you can achieve the ‘Dad Bob’, especially if you have fine hair. This is where the magic of hair extensions comes into play.

Hair extensions offer a versatile solution for individuals with fine hair looking to embrace the ‘Dad Bob’ trend. With extensions, you can easily add both length and volume to your hair, creating the perfect canvas for this stylish haircut. Moreover, extensions allow you to sharpen off the baseline of the bob, giving it a defined and polished appearance.

Celebrity Stylist Andrew Barton emphasizes the transformative power of hair extensions in achieving the ‘Dad Bob’ look. “I absolutely love a bob haircut, I think it is definitely the most versatile, timeless classic style that each time gets a modern re-vamp and this new ‘Dad Bob’ is perfect for those who want to look stylish but with minimal effort” says Barton “But not everyone is blessed with the perfect hair for this trend! But help is at hand! By strategically placing extensions and blending them seamlessly with your natural hair, you can enhance the shape and texture of your bob, creating a stunning result that exudes confidence and style.”

Here’s how you can use hair extensions to achieve the Dad Bob:

Create Length or Volume:

Whether you need to add a bit more length overall or you have fine, thinner hair that perhaps is too thin to give you that ‘swing’   your Certified Racoon Extensionist will begin by selecting our high-quality hair extensions that match your natural hair colour and texture. Our Luxe Tape-in hair extensions, Luxe Link or Luxe Bond are ideal for adding both length and volume to your hair, providing the foundation for the “Dad Bob” style.  And your hair extensionist will discuss which method is better for you.

Define the Base Line:

After application your stylist will trim the extensions to the desired length, ensuring that they blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Creating a clean baseline for your bob, giving it a sharp and polished finish.

Add Texture:

They may  Incorporate texturizing techniques such as layering and razoring to create movement and dimension in your hair. This will enhance the natural flow of your bob, adding depth and interest to the overall look.

Styling Versatility:

Experiment with different styling techniques to customize your ‘Dad Bob according to your preferences. Whether you opt for tousled waves, sleek straight locks, or effortless bedhead chic, the possibilities are endless with this versatile hairstyle.

By following these steps and harnessing the power of hair extensions, you can effortlessly embrace the ‘Dad Bob’ trend and elevate your hairstyle to new heights.

The ‘Dad Bob’ offers a fresh and contemporary take on the classic bob haircut, characterized by its relaxed elegance and understated charm. With the guidance of Creative Ambassador Andrew Barton and the versatility of hair extensions, achieving this stylish look has never been easier. So why not give it a try and embrace the Dad Bob revolution today?

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Hair images courtesy of @Zazey.zaraperryhairdressing