The Beginner’s Guide to Babysitting

Babysitting seems like an easy task. However, it is more than just watching over a kid. Little did we know that managing even just one kid can be a great challenge. One moment they are calm and just watching cartoons. The next thing you know they are all over the place.

If you are new to babysitting, how can you possibly cope? You cannot just jump right into babysitting without learning even just the basics. The things that you will learn can help you prepare for what can surprise you during your first day. So what are the things that you should learn first?

Learn The Basics

Before starting with the babysitting jobs, you have to understand everything about babysitting first. From the documents that you should have in hand, to the do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of, how to care for a baby when you will babysit an infant especially on how to change a diaper and even the different kinds of clothing that they will need like jumpsuits, infant pants, onesies, etc. It will also be best if you can meet the children before you even agree to do the babysitting job.

Finding A Family To Sit For

Remember that you have to choose the right family. Maybe you can start looking for friends who need a babysitter. This is where you can easily start. Most parents will be more than thankful to have you over during a weekend night or when they need to be out. It is best that you or your family knows these people. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a family that you are not comfortable with.

How Much Should You Charge

Remember that each family is different. Some of them who have babysitters before should already have set a price per hour. This will usually be the amount that they usually pay their babysitters. Most of them will usually be upfront about the pay. But if this is their first time to have a babysitter and they ask about the price for your services, give them a range from low to high. They will usually pick a price that is somewhere in the middle.

What You Need To Know Before The Parents Leave The Kids On Your Watch

Ask important questions. It is important that you know what to do to prevent any instances of interrupting them in the middle of what they are doing because of your lack of initiative. Also make sure that you have their cell phone numbers, where they are going, and the emergency numbers that you should be aware of. Ask if there are any bedtime routines and if snacks are allowed.

When To Call The Parents

If you think that you cannot handle the kid’s behavior and you have already exhausted all options, time to call the parents. But remember that kid tantrums are very common. It is important that you know how to manage your temper as well. Save the chance of calling the parents as your last resort. Try to deal with the kids as much as you can. These experience will be your best teacher. It will help you learn on how to deal with your next clients in the future.