Screen Printing For T-Shirt

Creating a unique item of clothing, which is in line with your personality or with that of the person to whom it is intended or which is of impact in the context you have chosen, is easy.

If you want to surprise a friend or an original gift to your child, a relative or a special person, if you are looking for an exciting idea to give colour and make a party or a birthday party magical, try a custom tshirt printing.

Screen printing is a traditional, ancient technique, one of the best known and used.

It allows you to print on your shirt what you want with the guarantee of a good resistance especially in case of repeated washing.

It is therefore preferable in the case of very popular t-shirts, for example for children or sportsmen.

The t shirt screen printing used to personalize t-shirts, clothes and various types of clothing is a printing technique with one or more colours that uses a special frame to carry an image on different fabrics such as silk, cotton and many others.

The applied technique involves a series of predefined steps:

  • after having placed the specially constructed frame on the shirt, the ink that flows through the highest part of the frame is poured until it reaches the shirt.
  • It is then pressed by pressing on a rubber bar which guarantees its uniform distribution in the points that define the image chosen for printing.
  • If the image is composed of multiple colours, the activity must be repeated for each colour.
  • After printing on the shirt, a passage is made in a special oven at a constant temperature, thanks to which the final fixing on the fabric takes place.
  • This technique is usually chosen by those who have to create an important number of shirts because ordering a large number of articles allows you to reduce costs.
  • The price is not always the cheapest and it is mainly linked to the presence of fixed costs such as those for the frame to be built to make the print you have chosen.