Perfect Choices for the best Event Photography

In the same way many elements must be provided to him so as not to have bad surprises the day of your marriage:Would you like him to avoid soliciting your guests and be very discreet, or want to make sure you have portraits of each guest?

What are the most important people at your wedding and who must therefore appear in priority on the images of the day? As an answer you can check this website now.

The budget

Attention, a high price is not necessarily a challenge of a quality service. Some general photographers will thus align themselves with “market prices” and offer you high prices without being experienced in this area.

The price is paradoxically the most complicated element to compare since from one photographer to another the services offered for the same report will vary greatly. For example a report of five hours will cost you on average between 500 euros and 1000 euros. The rate applied by each provider will vary according to his experience but also according to its operation (prefers to perform a limited number of weddings each year and charge more, or instead perform many reports for a lower rate?). Also know that some simply refuse to cover the evening.

Remember to look at the actual number of hours of reporting in your quote, since it will impact the entire production chain. The longer a report is, the more the photographer will have to prepare it upstream, and spend time in post-production to sort and edit the files.

Prefer a specialist

We strongly advise you to check also the level of experience of the chosen provider and if it is possible to work with a specialist in this field. Ask questions such as: Is it a professional or an amateur? Is he an expert on marriage reporting, or on the contrary a generalist? How many events has it covered so far?

We strongly advise you to work with a professional photographer, for obvious reasons. Wedding photography is certainly a question of technique but above all of experience. What’s more it supposes to have specific equipment, which beyond its price is mostly acquired over the course of events. Monopod for low-light shooting in the church, wide-angle lens for group shooting when there is not enough space to retreat, report flash, reflectors and diffusers for portraits outdoor husbands so many amenities that not everyone has.


Moreover, a specialist will be able to reassure you before and during the day by bringing you his knowledge of the course of this type of event. In terms of prices know that a wedding professional does not necessarily more than a GP , so think about comparing prices!

Once your photographer has chosen: a few things to check

It is absolutely essential that you have a guarantee that the chosen provider is committed to your reporting. It can unfortunately happen that some providers cancel at the last moment, either for legitimate reasons (accidents, illness, family problem) or purely for expediency (a reservation in an exotic destination may seem more attractive to some). The bride and groom find themselves in embarrassment a few weeks or even days before the big day .