How to Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

Many sensible brides let their bridesmaids choose their own dresses. If you approach this method, it takes off the pressure of solely being responsible for what the bridesmaids wear. When brides choose dresses for their bridesmaids, they only keep in mind the dresses which they like and which they feel goes best with the wedding but there is a downside to this arrangement. Many of your bridesmaids might not like your style and feel that it does not look flattering on their body. Moreover, if they are paying for the dress, they will not be willing to pay the one they do not like.

On the other hand, if you give freedom to your ladies to choose the dress they like, they will be much more comfortable and satisfied with their selection but there is always a risk of losing uniformity in bridesmaid dresses. To ease you in such a situation, we have listed a few tips which will help you let your bridesmaid choose their own dresses which go in sync with your wedding.

Give your Bridesmaids Clear Guidelines:

Letting your bridesmaid choose their own dress is great as it ensures that everyone wears a dress they are comfortable in however if each bridesmaid picks their own dress without any guidelines, they will end up wearing dresses which are not cohesive. It is important that you instruct them clearly and set some parameters such as color, fabric, and length before they shop so their dresses look coordinated on your big day.

Pre-Select Dresses First on Your Own:

Before you take your ladies to the boutique, go solo and check out all styles. Understand the body type of each of your bridesmaids and pick out a bunch of bridesmaid dresses you think will look best on them and will go along with your wedding theme. Let your bridesmaid pick their dress from the final bunch you have selected. This way you will let them choose the dress they like but you will have some control over the final dress.

Make Sure Every Bridesmaid is Comfortable with their Dress:

If you have a bunch of bridesmaids, there will be a few who are skinny and a few of them might be on the heavier side. If you have such diversity in body types of your bridesmaids, then one style will not suit all, in such a scenario let them choose a style they are comfortable to wear and confident to carry. You can finalize the texture and color of the dress to blend it with your wedding theme.

Don’t Forget Accessories:

If you do not care what accessories your bridesmaids wear them let them accessorize the dress. If you are specific about certain things like the kind of shoes, especially if they are wearing a short dress, let them know in advance so that they can accessorize accordingly.

Stay Within Budget:

Do not select dresses which are over the budget than the girls agreed to pay. According to a study done by Azazie, an average girl is ready to spend $300 on bridesmaid dress which is quite a comfortable budget to buy beautiful bridesmaid dresses if you know the right place to look at.  Online shopping can result in giving you cheaper bridesmaid dresses than buying them in a bridal store. Bridesmaid dress websites give you a range of collections of chiffon, satin and lace Bridesmaid dresses. You can also get both short and long bridesmaid dress option. The best part is they have all the plus sized bridesmaid dress options too which will help you buy a similar dress for all your bridesmaids of different sizes.

Be the Ultimate Decision Maker:

It is unfortunate but sometimes a bridesmaid can give you a hard time by sticking to the style she likes and not agreeing to choose the one which goes with your wedding. Put your foot down in such a situation. Make sure that even though you have given the ladies, the independence to choose their dress, they are aware that your decision is final. Do not lose focus on why you are there, it is your wedding, not theirs.

Letting your bridesmaid select their own dress is a great gesture and can really work but everyone needs to work together for it. It is great that you are not being a Bridezilla and letting your bridesmaid make this decision but make sure they understand the purpose of this day. Ultimately it is going to be your big day, not theirs.