How Bras Are Actually Made?

Bras actually do heavy lifting job. They not only keep your breasts in place, but also offer great support to them. They also add good shape to your breasts. In fact, you will look perfect with bras. It’s no surprise that they are one of the most difficult clothes to create. Most of the brands spend a lot of time in designing and manufacturing bras.

They put in lot of efforts to create something comfortable, attractive and unique for their clients. Here is an interesting fact about bras. The first bra was actually created using handkerchiefs in the year 1914. Besides, the bras at that time are quite different from the ones, which we have today. 

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What fabrics are used to make bras?

  • Silk: If you are in search of a soft fabric then silk bras would be your perfect choice. With the luxurious glow and extreme softness, it is always a winner. Even though this fabric looks great, it may not be a good choice for daily wear. Try bras made with this fabric during special occasions to look special. You must use only dry cleaning or hand wash for the silk bras.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a very classy fabric. Besides, it is also gentle on skin. This fabric would be your perfect choice, if you live in a place where the climate will be hot most of the time. Another advantage of cotton is, it is very cheap and easy to maintain. This means, you can wash them simply using water and soap. 
  • Wool: Wool is one of the most popular choices when it comes to bras for many people. Besides, this material is generally combined with the other material to provide more elasticity. This material can keep you sweat free and odour free. 
  • Synthetics: This includes manmade fabric like viscose, rayon, Dacron, polyester etc. All these fabrics are affordable, easy to maintain and available abundantly. All of them provide excellent support, and are durable too. 

As everybody will have different requirement when it comes to bras, choose one that suit your preferences well. In olden days, huge machinery is not required for making bras. But in the present days, multiple machines are required for making bras. From designing to stitching, there are several things, which a manufacturer should take care of. By this time, you would have understood that it is a little complicated process. 

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