Finding the best shoes for every occasion

Designers have finally turned their attention after bestowing their full patronage to women footwear to men’s footwear and they are filling the shops and the stores with various designs to suit every occasion and places. They have designed shoes from casual wear to formal wear, from leather shoes to canvas shoes keeping the vivid taste of the men. You can select the best mens shoes here.

Why care for the shoes?

It is estimated that your shoes bear the burden of your weight for more than 3000 times. Each time you move one step you ask your shoes to bear the burden of your weight. In general, you travel a minimum of 3000 steps a day. Although, the shoes cover only 5% of our body but they attract 30% attention of the person whom you meet. It is more than 50 % time that you judge the stranger or your visitor by the quality and the appearance of his shoes. Finally, an uncomfortable shoe can give you troublesome feet all the day long. Thus, there are enough reasons to give proper attention to the quality and the comfort the shoes can provide to us.

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Rules you should follow while selecting the footwear

·         Select the right pair of shoes for right occasion: This is a common mistake which you always make by not selecting right shoes for the right purpose. You cannot wear formal shoes for running purpose; similarliy wearing the running shoes in the party will make you odd man out in the party. Selecting the incorrect shoes for the occasion not only gives discomfort to the feet but you become a laughing stock.

·         Go for the quality: it is always advised to be able to save money and then buy the best quality shoes for your feet. The good quality shoes bought with better price pay you back by providing the much deserved comfort to your feet. Serving you for years together then their cheap rivals which may be available for less but are going to last less and providing unpleasant experience for your feet. It is better to wait for a year to buy a good pair of shoes than wasting money on three pair of low quality shoes.

·         Pay attention to size and comfort: It is better to give proper attention to the proper size than to bear the trouble for years together. You must not give up for the ok size but you should go for the best fitted shoes. You should also check out whether the shoes are comfortable to wear with inner sole and the sole has proper grip and comfort to the feet or not .You should tell the store sales person if you have very broad or narrow feet to select the best shoes for your feet. If you are unable to get the proper shoes than you can go for the customized shoes for yourself.

·         Take care of your shoes: You have spent years together to buy the perfect shoes for you self. The perfect shoes deserve the perfect care from your end. You rotate the wearing of your shoes to allow proper time for the shoes to dry up. The inner of the shoes is not treated with chemicals and hence can be subject to be rotten away.

Know the Anatomy of your shoes

·         Sole: This is the lowest part of the shoe and it is divided into three parts, outer sole, middle sole and the inner sole. The outer most sole should be the toughest as it has to bear the rough surface of the road and the maximum wear and tear. The middle part of the sole should be made up of comfortable and natural material as it bears the maximum jerk and the weight of the body. The inner most sole should be made up of comfortable material and should have foam or any other material to provide maximum comfort to the feet.

·         Upper: The part of the shoe which is just above the sole is known as upper. Upper is made up of different materials like canvas, leather or any other material which should be natural and comfortable to wear and allow the feet to breathe through the material.

·         Brogueing: this is the ornamentation done on the upper part of the shoe to make it look beautiful. This done by piercing the leather to make holes.

·         Open lacing: It is one of the two lacing systems used in the oxford type of shoes. The shoes tongue and the vamp is cut in one piece.

·         Insole: The sole on which the feet rest and the quality of the in sole can be a deciding factor in deciding the life of the shoes.

·         Heel: The back portion of the shoes on which the feet rests is made up of three to four pieces of leather called lift and reinforced together by glue or the metal.

·         Laces: The choice is round or ribbon which is elastic and tough in nature and comes in variety of colors.

Types of shoes

·         Oxford shoes: These are lace up shoes which are to be worn below the ankle. These shoes are divided into two categories depending upon the type of lacing system. The one with a close lacing system is known as Balmorals oxford shoes. The other with broader lacing system and stylish then bal moral shoes are known as bluchers. The balmorals makes the best dress when worn with two piece suit.

·         Slip-on: These are the shoes which are without laces. They are less conservative when the styling is concerned. These shoes are best when worn with grey flannel trousers and sports jacket.  Moccasins, monk straps and tassel loafers are few of the designs in slip-on. These shoes are the preferred choice of frequent travelers as wearing the shoes and taking off of the shoes are equally easy. These shoes are equally liked by the people who are frequent travelers and by those people who want to wear them in the party.